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Insights: Spider Tears

April 24, 2015
Finished at last! 

I hope you like the final version!

It was so much fun just to do an illustration for me!

Thanks for following along in the process!




February 16-17, 2015 
Yesterday and today, I was focusing on how to display the Spider Tears necklace, other than having it just floating in the air. 

I did some research on how people display jewelry pieces in a variety of places. There are various ways to do this, so I decided to display the necklace on a mannequin’s torso!

I started to think about someone actually touching the necklace so then I created the hand coming in to hold the jewelry piece. I could picture a buyer looking at the piece in a real life scenario.

Since, I had an open section in the middle of the torso I created a small spider web encasing that area. I still need to get the small web attached somehow, and I am thinking about adding jewels to the web as well.

So that is the next stage of my illustration, and a good place to step back, and visualize the final stages.

I need to fine tune a few areas, but it is taking shape quite nicely! It is hard to see all the details in the illustration because it mainly in the black/gray tones and it is sized smaller for the post, but once it is done, I will display it in a larger viewing size.

Again more to come and hopefully the final illustration!

Fun stuff!


February 3, 2015 
I worked on the jewels today! More to come!

January 28, 2015 
I was able to illustrate again today! 

I added the chain and clasp to the necklace. I worked on the fastening system for the main jewel.

I enlarged the spider on the web.

Still a lot of work to be done, but lots of fun!


January 27, 2015
I had some free time to work on Spider Tears today. 

I am enjoying the process of illustrating and seeing the transformation come to life.

There is a long way to go still in the design progression, but it is coming along nicely!

It will be interesting to see what the final design will look like!


October 26, 2014
Sometimes people ask me what inspires my creativity? It could be as simple as a sentence from a book. 

I was reading a book a while ago, and I can’t even recall the name of the book or the author, but one of the lines in the book referenced that the dew on the spider’s web is like the spider’s tears.

When I read that particular sentence, it sparked a starting image in my mind, and I had to make it into an illustration.

As you can see it is taking on the form of a spider web necklace. I don’t know when this illustration will be finished!

I work on it in my spare time. This is the beginning of my illustration.

A working draft.

As it evolves, I will post the updated versions. You will be able to see the stages that my mind goes through when creating a piece of art work.

Remember, this isn’t by any means finished. There is a lot that still needs to be done before it is complete.

It is just something to have fun with!