Welcome to C.Scapes Studio of Cheryl Matsumoto!

I am Cheryl Matsumoto, an independent graphic artist based in Fort Collins, Colorado who loves creating innovative designs that leave a lasting impression.

Do you need someone to tell your story visually?

Whether you are a new business or an existing business, I can translate and transform your business needs into powerful marketing materials that will promote your products or services to a wider audience through compelling words and images.

I will work with you directly and deliver practical solutions to convey your message in a format that keeps the audience interested and excited about what your business has to offer. I will provide you with high quality work, personal attention, and quick response to bring your business to life! 

For a more complete listing of graphic design services, check out my Services page, and please let me know if I can be a service to you. 

If you want to know about my creative process, check out my Insights page.


Creatively sailing through time and the radiance of imagination!