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Insights: Inspirational Quote

I am constantly bombarded with inspirational quotes or thoughts of the day especially on my personal Facebook page. So I decided to jump into the mix and share my inspirational quote in a typography design that I created.

In order to understand what draws me to create artwork, it requires that I share my life experiences with others. It is hard to expose yourself and be openly vulnerable, but sometimes you just have to jump in…

I am just an ordinary woman who happens to live in an extraordinary world. I am no different than the average person except I just happened to wake up one morning with emptied hope and praying to God to do something. I had lost my way and things weren’t looking so good from the floor!

Life has a way of interfering with you when you least expect it! There is no stopping it! It just grabs you in the ass and says, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Everyone on the outside sees that you have this ideal life, but all you know is that you are seeing false colors! A person who puts on a performance for the sake of being sane when all the while you are trembling inside with the fear of everything; a mask that hides all the uneasiness of living.

No goals, no ambitions, and no dreams! I carried out all the duties of being a great wife, good mother, and wonderful friend, except to myself! How sad it that to forget yourself? Isn’t funny how you can give someone else advice, but when it comes to you; it doesn’t come easy.

Looking back at it now, I guess you would say that my depression was the best thing that happened to me because I am opening myself up to look at life in the simplest terms. It takes courage to shift your direction and bring the love back into life.

If you weed out all the clutter, it is then that you can open yourself up to answer the real question and begin to make a choice! Life isn’t that complicated. Only we make it complicated for ourselves.

If we are constantly stuck in the gray matter, when do we begin to see the light?

If we are endlessly waiting for something better to come along, when do we begin to live?

Life really comes down to two things. Yes or No! There isn’t any maybe!

It is that simple! Make a decision. Begin somewhere. Follow the outcome. Learn along the way. It might be surprising!

I have had the opportunity to refocus my life and to expand on my spiritual, physical, and emotional well being. It is a continuous struggle to stay in the right direction in my journey. Sometimes I stumble, but I choose to get up and keep walking.

I am not an ultimate authority on any level, and I have no credentials. Frankly, the only degree that I possess is a PhD in my life, not others!

Take my humble written words with whatever level of thought that you wish. My only hope is that these words spark a new perspective, a new opportunity to welcome the blessings and miracles that exist around all of us. Life is so simple; be happy now in this moment and the world is full of possibilities!

I aspire on a daily basis to answer my inspirational quote.