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Insights: Floral Oil Painting (Finished 5/16/24)

I find myself becoming more involved with my fine artist side in the recent years! There are a number of reasons for this transition, but mainly because it is a creative release!

Graphic artist and fine artist intertwine the foundations of art, and it is amazing what I have witnessed in my work by doing so. What I learn from one; develops the other! It is just a different avenue of medium, but the valuable information and skill that I grasp is a great crossover!

I wanted to share the progression of floral oil painting that I am working on from start and hopefully to finish. Just for the fun of it!

These pics are just quick captures on my iPhone.

Early July – The idea comes from a photo that I took a while ago with my iPhone camera. I believe it was a bouquet of flowers.
Early July – Before I begin the actually oil painting, I like to sketch out the various components of the overall painting.
7/15/22 – Blocking in colors.
7/20/22 – Putting in some of the background elements.
7/29/22 – Working my way around the canvas.
8/21/22 – Working on the top of the canvas and adding more details and dimension.

8/29/22 – I start blending colors and adding details. Now, I am going to let my oil painting rest for a bit.
11/2/22 – My painting is semi-day and I can start to paint again.
11/13/22 – I am trying to establish a better coloring in the flowers and working on the centers of flowers.
11/20/22 – I am adding definition in the petals by adding in the white areas in the petals.
11/23/22 – Work continues. I will need to let painting dry a bit before I can start up again.
12/24/22 – It has been about a month in the drying process. I am adding details into the sunflower and more depth into the flowers.
1/24/23 – It has been about a month for the drying process. I am really concentrating on the centers of the flowers and building up a tactile feel. Also adding depth into the petals.
1/25/23 – Work continues.
1/29/23 – Added in more background elements. I am continuing to work on flowers adding in details.

3/13/23 – Working on the smaller flowers and background area.

3/28/23 – Details, details, details!

4/10/23 – Hint: I add a couple of drops of clove oil to my glass palette and then close the lid tight to keep my oil paints fresh!
6/11/23 – Hint: I move my artwork to various positions as I paint to get different views! Step back close your eyes, and open. It does miracles!
7/23/23 – Hint: I always have my reference photo nearby to get those tiny details!

It seems like it took way too long to come to completion, but to be honest I got sidetracked on another artistic endeavor which has captivated my creative energy and time. I will write more about that later in another “Insights” post.

5/15/24 – Coming towards the finish line, adding in those minor details!
5/15/24 – Hint: I have oil paint mixed in a mason jar with a bit of linseed oil. I mix the oil paint and linseed oil to almost a toothpaste consistency. My oil paints are dated and marked on the lid! You can see my white oil paint ready to go. This allows to mix a greater amount of paint and keeps it fresh.
5/15/24 – Closeup work.

I am so very excited to reveal the finished floral oil painting. My process of painting isn’t really about the reality of an object, but more about how it flows. It is the way that I walk with my brush to tell a story that gives me the sense of pride upon completion.

Usually, I gravitate towards something that speaks to my senses and lenses when I start to paint. I ask myself do I paint this because is it something to do?  Or does it provoke something that will challenge me and speaks to my creative passion?

5/16/24 – Beauty in the texture! All the bits of oil paint gives a sense of touch!
5/16/24 – Sunflowers are my favorite!
5/16/24 – Completion is wonderful!

As an artist you are always waiting for that critic out there who usually has an opinion, but I am here to tell you that it isn’t about their judgement that makes you or breaks you as an artist: it is about your MARK that you should delight in!

You are the expression of self!

In my viewpoint that is what makes you an artist: it is SEEING YOURSELF in the beauty of the finished product!

5/16/24 – Finished at last! Signed and dated!