Insights: Colored Daisies

My wonderful daughter, Courtney, bought these beautiful and very colorful flowers for my birthday not too long ago! I was overjoyed because I love flowers, but I love color too! Two perfect combinations!

I was cleaning out the water in the vase because the flowers needed to be refreshed, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the flowers especially when the light was hitting them from the kitchen window.

I had run downstairs to dig out my camera because sometimes you just can’t let those opportunities go by when everything is right and the creative juices are flowing.

Here are some of the photos of the colored daisies:

colored_daisy_300x232 colored_daisy_5_300x232
colored_daisy_4_300x232 colored_daisy_3_300x232
colored_daisy_2_300x232 colored_daisy_1_300x232

Creatively sailing through time and the radiance of imagination!