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Insights: Queen of Nowhere

I was inspired by an art therapy class that I took on grieving through Hospice of Larimer County.

Mandalas are often used in art therapy. A mandala circle represents a source of reflection on one’s soul. It is a snapshot of you for a brief moment in time.

Participants of the class were encouraged to draw their feelings inside a mandala circle. After drawing, we were asked to express our feelings on paper through written word.

Here is my original drawing and my writings from the class.

Isolation of the body.

Tears of the cowards.

Emptiness of nothing.

Strength for the weak.

Madness for my spirit.

Envy and guilt for the living.

Sickness is the weary.

No time for the mourning.

Separation from the whole.

Pissed off and left behind.

Selfish for themselves.

Did anyone think of me?

Did anyone know that I was dying inside?

Did anyone care?

Shit! If I know to this day!

Queen of nowhere!

Out of that creative flow came “The Queen of Nowhere” illustration.