Insights: Floral Oil Painting (Updated)

I find myself becoming more involved with my fine artist side in the recent years! There are a number of reasons for this transition, but mainly because it is a creative release!

Graphic artist and fine artist intertwine the foundations of art, and it is amazing what I have witnessed in my work by doing so. What I learn from one; develops the other! It is just a different avenue of medium, but the valuable information and skill that I grasp is a great crossover!

I wanted to share the progression of floral oil painting that I am working on from start and hopefully to finish. Just for the fun of it!

These pics are just quick captures on my iPhone.

Early July – The idea comes from a photo that I took a while ago with my camera. I believe it was a bouquet of flowers.

Early July – Before I begin the actually oil painting, I like to sketch out the various components of the overall painting.
7/14/22 – Start to block in the color to get a sense of placement.
7/15/22 – Blocking in colors, but adding some dimension.
7/20/22 – Putting in some of the background elements.
7/29/22 – Working my way around the canvas.
8/21/22 – Working in top of canvas and adding more details and dimension.
8/29/22 – I let my oil painting rest for a bit and become semi dry before I start work of blending colors and adding details.
11/2/22 – I wasn’t able to work on my floral painting for a couple of months due to a hail storm that damaged my home. Now that repair work on my home is wrapping up, I am able to pick up my brush again!
11/7/22 – Still blocking in colors as I add some definition!
11/13/22 – Color variations began to develop in the petals!
11/20/22 – Working the magic, but oils are still wet so colors begin to mute!
11/23/22 – This is where I am today in the painting process! Still working on my floral masterpiece! Painting brings me such contentment!

And so it continues…

During the drying process, I usually have other oil painting projects going simultaneously. So time isn’t wasted. Currently, I am working on a sunset oil painting for my daughter as well as this floral oil painting. There is a quick photo glimpse of the sunset in the first posted picture.

11/23/22 – This is where I am in the process with the sunset painting. Still have a lot of work to do before it is complete!

Please check back as I add more pictures until the final oil paintings are signed, sealed and delivered!